Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Liam and I took the boys to GOMA for a fun filled day

Cheeky monkeys

The balloon room was our favourite

Kyha getting swallowed up by the balloons

Luca was quite overwhelmed, he wanted Dad to hold him

The famous Lego table, we could have sat here for hours

We had such a fun day

Look mum, Look what I made

I think dad needs a few more minutes mum.
(I had to drag Liam away)

This year so far

This year so fun has been very exciting with our big boy Kyha starting Prep.  Excited and nervous at the same time (me that is) our school journey was about to begin.
Picking out the right backpack and shoes was hard enough, dont get me started on making the appropriate healthy school lunch.
Luckily for us it takes us about 4min to walk to school and even then they complain that it takes too long.  The first day went really well and school was great in Kyhas eyes.

Dad helping Kyha get dressed for his big day

Little Luca will miss his brother terribly

Me trying not to cry, lol

Family walk up to school

My new classroom

I love Prep mum, I'll be fine, stop crying.