Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Pirates Ahoy

It was my sons 5th Birthday in June and what better way to celebrate than to get dressed up as Pirates.  We had so much fun on the day that none of us wanted it to end.  We handed out our pirate scroll invites to the whole class and the best dressed pirate won the treasure. 

With his little brother Luca (left) and cousin (will) standing infront of the Pirates cave that Grandad built.

To get the party started we had everyone dress up, even Dad.  I bought Pirate necklaces for everyone to wear and had plenty of hats, swords and eye patches.

This was the dress up table, every child received a pirate head scarf, pirate necklace, tattoos and an eye patch

 I had a black eyeliner also for those wanting mustaches and scars on their faces

The kids got to put on their own tattoos

Yummy Pirates Rum (Punch)

The yummy food table.

These cute water bottle wraps were from Etsy, worth every cent.

Pirates Teeth (Caramel Popcorn)

Buried Treasure cupcakes with candy crosses ontop

Basic Butter Biscuit with a Jaffa in the middle (Captains Eyeballs)

Red & Green jelly shots (Sharks Blood)

Table Centrepiece

The treasure bottles I made with a treasure map, shells, sand & a cork & twine wrapped around the neck of the bottle.
The Treasure box was found in a craft store, after soaking it in coffee made it look a little more aged.
I finished it off with some pirate money, treasure maps, jewels, gold nuggets and more.

Red & Black baloons were everywhere, they looked great.

We had lots of inflatable palm trees and parrots, these really set the scene

The Pirates cave that Grandad built.  The kids had a ball in there, we had light up skeleton lanterns and a scary skull mask inside.

Pirates Plank that Grandad also built for us.  The kids had alot of fun on this.  We made up new ways for the kids to cross the plank, split the teams up of boys and girls and they had to try and pass each other without falling into the water. 

All the little pirates ready to play 'Pass the Parrot'.
All of the parents did such a wonderful job of dressing their kids up, some were busy cutting and sewing and even gluing costumes together.  Their efforts paid off because they all looked great.

Middle sister Kerrie and niece Ella

Dad, Uncle Karl and brother Luca with Captain Kyha

Birthday boy Kyha with my older sister Leanne

School friends

Leanne & Kerrie made novelty balloons for all of the kids

Cake time

I was in charge of the party and my wonderful husband was in charge of doing the cake

Mountains of presents

Cousin Charlotte & Luca

And at the end of a very big day the ship had sailed and it was time to go to bed


Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Party Time

My big boys 5th Birthday is fast aproaching and we are in the full swing of party planning.  We are having a Pirate Party this year and we can't wait.  We have invited the whole class to come and celebrate with us and we hope it goes really well.  As good as it can do with 30 kids.

From pirate planks to palm trees and parrots I have it all, I have scoured every discount store in Brisbane.  I have had an absolute blast planning this party and cant wait till the big day.  I will take a ton of photos and be sure to show you on the blog. 

Im still yet to get my outfit ready, don't get too excited.  Pirate Wench wont look too good in the dead of winter, that and the fact it's a 5th bday party. lol. 

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Liam and I took the boys to GOMA for a fun filled day

Cheeky monkeys

The balloon room was our favourite

Kyha getting swallowed up by the balloons

Luca was quite overwhelmed, he wanted Dad to hold him

The famous Lego table, we could have sat here for hours

We had such a fun day

Look mum, Look what I made

I think dad needs a few more minutes mum.
(I had to drag Liam away)