Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Party Time

My big boys 5th Birthday is fast aproaching and we are in the full swing of party planning.  We are having a Pirate Party this year and we can't wait.  We have invited the whole class to come and celebrate with us and we hope it goes really well.  As good as it can do with 30 kids.

From pirate planks to palm trees and parrots I have it all, I have scoured every discount store in Brisbane.  I have had an absolute blast planning this party and cant wait till the big day.  I will take a ton of photos and be sure to show you on the blog. 

Im still yet to get my outfit ready, don't get too excited.  Pirate Wench wont look too good in the dead of winter, that and the fact it's a 5th bday party. lol. 

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